Life through the lens of transition

This past Sunday I wore a new pair of glasses to church. Customarily, I take a selfie after church before leaving church or when I get home. Last Sunday, I noticed something I couldn’t help but laugh at and it gave me a great revelation. Since ordering glasses online, I have a wide range of lens and frame options, too many if I’m being honest. Last year, I ordered my first pair of transition lenses and they’re so cool!

I ordered them to wear at The Stellar Awards, but they didn’t arrive in time. I was disappointed but I had to work to do! I wore them for my birthday photo shoot, and I just love them. I love them so much that I ordered another pair and wore them to church last Sunday. As I looked at the pictures, I thought of my mama who has a few pair of transition lenses and I thought that no matter how funny it is when our parents do it, we’re bound to do it, too!

Now that gave me a hearty laugh, but I was reminded of the year 2022. It was a year that began transition in my life. Last year, the transition continued, and I thought that the transition would be over with the end of 2023, but I was reminded of was as big as the revelation of transition. With those glasses on, I saw everything “through the lens of transition!

WOW…I don’t have to put on rose colored glasses and make things what they aren’t…I just have to see them through the lens of transition and move accordingly! Through the lens of transition, you can recognize true friends and acknowledge divine connections. You can see the hand of God at work in every situation and trust His heart that is set toward good for you! You can see the timing of God through the lens of transition. Otherwise, we’re bound to overstay and miss His divine appointments that lead to due season in our lives!

Haven’t you waited long enough? I don’t want to miss it! The lens of transition will expose people and things that are not good for you, and no, you don’t need to go on a podcast tour, once it’s revealed. The lens of transition will keep you focused on your life’s work and keep you from being so easily sidetracked.

The most intriguing aspect about transition lenses and the lens of transition is placement. Lenses don’t go dark inside. They only darken in natural sunlight. Think about that for a moment, you can be in transition but not in the right light, which may be why you can’t quite see what’s ahead of you! Get in the right light to access the lens of transition!

Who you’re meant to be, how when and where God wants to use you can be clearer seen through the lens of transition. Did I mention that the transition lenses darken in natural sunlight? Don’t be surprised if God uses pain and darkness to illuminate your pathway to purpose. I wish it didn’t have to be this way but from what I understand about the protagonists in the Bible, God is glorified when we trust Him in circumstances that would give the enemy of our soul a bigger place in our lives. Joseph was imprisoned for doing the right thing, Paul spent years as a habitual offender against the Roman Empire and wrote many of his epistles while in chains.

Good thing they’re dark lenses because seeing some things end and others for what they truly are will be painful. But as in every season, there will be joy. So here I come, ready to receive the joy this journey is sure to bring. At least that’s how I see it now, through the lens of transition!