It’s finally here! Well, sort of. As the track matriculates through all the DSP channels and what not, I want to share a preview with you! As I stated before, this was a labor of love. Initially, I wanted to release the song on Good Friday but the song still needed a lot of work. I kept working and even had to pull out some of my notes from college to complete the song.

So, What’s the Song About?

Great question! The song is love song about the Love of God and our response to it. God’s love is all encompassing. It’s unending and unfailing. His love is there when we need it. God’s love keeps us in trials and helps us to become our best selves. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross epitomized love in unfathomable ways and nothing anyone could ever do will ever be greater than His sacrifice. With this love, we now know love and ultimately how to love others. Plus, a good groove never hurt anyone! I love music and my true musical style is one that I haven’t fully expressed.

YSML gives me the opportunity to honor the gift of music in my life. For years, I’ve always wanted to write, play and produce music. Beyond that, I love audio engineering and I went to college to learn the craft. As it turns out, so much has changed since the last time I recorded a song. For the last 10+ years, I’ve used my recording engineering experience to create my shows and jingles. Well, here I am, with completed song and I’m still a little nervous about it.

For years, I’ve spent time telling other artists what to do and how to fix their recordings but on this journey, I discovered many of the challenges independent artists face as they try to complete their musical journeys. I don’t quote Erykah Badu often but when I do, I know that all creatives can agree on the aspect of sensitivity in the presentation of our “finished” product.

This song was the one that pushed the door open a little. In so many words, it gives me a chance to peek out and survey the landscape for myself. This journey is a journey of faith and learning. I’m growing again and there are many more lessons to learn on the way to preparing my next song.

I hope you like the song and are blessed by it. Feel free to share your comments with me, on Facebook!