In his iconic line from “Boomerang,” John Witherspoon etched himself into the lexicon of movie lovers and ultimately African-American vernacular when he said, “you got to co-ordinate!” He was well coordinated, down to his belt and the lining of his blazer. 

I want to share a similar message with creatives and leaders reading this: COLLABORATE! When I heard the Lord about my song in February, I knew that I couldn’t finish it on my own. When I originally recorded it, only I and my wife were on the song. I knew that if it were to come to fruition and reach the people we’re called to reach, I would need to bring some other people aboard. 

Initially, I handled everything in house because of budget constraints. I knew that I couldn’t remain limited to only what I could do if this song were to ever emerge from the storage on my hard drive. I want to share this with you, that amid all of your frustrations, limitations and other complications, try the solution of collaboration!

There is a social media meme that says, “get somebody else to do it” referencing a job or task that is unbearable or unwanted. And while many times, what has confounded the work is possible by our hands, intellect and expertise, that may be just what we need to do. By finding someone else to do even what you could do will free up your time and could even broaden your vision for the uncompleted project.

Who can do what you need done? If you can do it, but haven’t done it, will it ever get done? This was the question I had to ask myself and really be sober about the answer. So, I called a few friends and let them do what they do well. By allowing them to do what they do so well, I was free to do what I do best and in this instance, it was making, recording and editing music. 

I don’t know what collaboration will solve for you, but I share this in hopes of alleviating the stressors that lead to and keep you bound in cycles of procrastination and stagnation. As the year began, I heard “collaboration” so strongly. I asked this about myself and my companies but the Lord showed me that I would be coming along to join others’ efforts. Understand that the concept of collaboration is involves and includes you as a solution but be willing and open to those will be that for you, as well! 

As many of you, I completed a song earlier this year. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone so I want to introduce you to the people who helped me reach the finish line!

Sanesia Tillman is an amazing singer. I can’t remember how we met but I knew that I would need her services sooner than later, once I knew of her. She gladly and efficiently took my work request and transformed the song into what I could only dream of. “You Showed Me Love” is the third song that we have worked on together and I saw her gift blossom as we collaborated this time around. As a writer and musician with no regular group, having singers can stifle all motion and momentum. Sanesia is a more than a life saver, she’s a song saver and I’m glad to have her work as a part of the team. 

Devin Renee is a young lady whose gift I have admired for years. As I re-visited the song, I felt there was a specific voice that I needed to take the bridge and vamp of the song further than I could. She was the perfect choice and though we still haven’t began work on the song I initially purposed for her years ago, I’m glad that we could come together for this song at this time! 

I met Patrick Dudley when he subbed for our drummer at church years ago. Because I work in radio when he told me about the group he played for, I asked for their music.  We have remained in touch since then and when he moved to DFW, I told him that I would reach out to him once I got some music going. Patrick was a Godsend to this project because he literally saved the session! I couldn’t get anything going on my equipment or software so we used his interface and recorded to his computer! We wouldn’t have made it without him! Additionally, he caught the groove I was going for with ease which made the session even better!