He is one of the most knowledgeable journalists in the faith, entertainment and family perspectives. He is a well sought out source to inform various audiences. In this blog, you’ll discover more about the man and his muse- life! As a digital media entrepreneur, Fred has built the SoulProsper Media Group as a burgeoning force in inspirational, entertainment and faith focused reporting. SoulProsper Radio is one of the best gospel music internet radio stations in the world and is making a leap into notoriety.  As a musician, Fred has traveled to six countries on three continents playing his beloved gospel music with the Glory Gospel Singers. His experience with the group changed not only his musical experience, but his life. 

While abroad, Fred took note of fashion, food, culture and entertainment and brought remnants of his adventure home. Those experiences helped re-shape his thinking, broadened his horizon and opened him up to a new world of possibility! In 2010, Fred began to formally express his thoughts and experiences. This led to the creation of his column on the now defunct examiner.com. From there, his pen has led the way and connected him with readers the world over. On this site, Fred will be talking to you and sharing more of his day to day experiences as a man, father, husband, son, aspiring chef, fashion connoisseur, dreamer and doer. Come along for the ride!

To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill:
Oh, may it all my pow’rs engage To do my Master’s will!
-Charles Wesley

At present, Fred is owner of an internet radio station, digital news site, book publishing imprint and media relations company. In each capacity, Fred brings integrity and passion. He never stops working until the client is satisfied and is always seeking the best solution to the opportunity presented. He has served as former editor-in-chief of Signature Radio and News (online) and has continued to expand the reach of his voice in media as contributor on the Huffington Post blog, The Christian Post and numerous outlets across the nation.

As a writer, Fred has served as ghostwriter on a number of projects and regularly contributes to monthly projects and publications as ghostwriter and contributor. What we have seen from him is the development of a 21st Century renaissance man. There’s nothing he won’t attempt and nothing that he aspires to do without offering his best. In recent years, Fred has spoken about becoming his best self, at the risk of losing the identity he had so fallen in love with over the years. Willing to lead by example, Fred has declared 2022-2023 as his year of transition.

He acknowledges that he has given into fear and hasn’t capitalized on all the opportunities presented him, but this transition is forcing him away from his comfort zone. As he said, “staying comfortable for me means staying broke, and I don’t like that!” He wants to be the billboard for what he teaches and proof that he practices what he preaches to others. As he grows beyond the boundaries of comfort in his life, he seeks to inspire others to do the same and experience the fulness of life God wants His people to experience. Fred wants you to discover the wonder of walking in purpose and allow it to change the trajectory of your life. Whether he’s on the red carpet, behind the mic, on the instruments or at the podium speaking, Fred’s newfound voice is confidently buoyant, reaching further than ever before. Buoyed by purpose, he is reaching back to readers the confidence to embark upon their own journey of discovery.