I learned a lot the last time I released an edition of The Weekly/Weekend Word. I use a very popular email blast server and have since I began. Since my “audience” is varied with each company, I have different blasts that go out to the varied audiences. Lately, I’ve combined the audiences to share the stories and lessons with a single audience. This has always been a point of pain for me though because seemingly with each blast, there are people who unsubscribe. 

What stings the most is that I know each person who unsubscribes. We have some kind of relationship yet, when it comes to them receiving this email, they’re not interested. I’ll never forget the man and former church member who would take time each day to send us a song and a story. He was so diligent, I didn’t even have time to open many of the emails. Yet, when I returned the favor with either an email from The SMG Report or news about a book release, he wasn’t interested. Or what about the pastor whose sound system I helped set up. We talk on Facebook all the time but for some reason, he didn’t care to indulge this email.

I try not to take these things personally. Truth is, I shouldn’t and that analytics are the worst thing that could have ever have happened to us. Without fail, we restructure everything to fit the analytics and refine our practices to doing what works best. In the process, we sometimes lose what works best for us. I find myself saying this often, but this email always brings it back to me. Something else happened the last time I sent one of these out, though. In the closing of his message a few weeks ago, Dr. Alvin Pope referenced one of the entries. 

He sure did and it was at the closing of service when there’s really the greatest impact (if you ask me). What that did for me, affirmed this in a way that was so needed. I can see who opens, reads and even clicks, but by Sunday, I was no longer checking. So, to see that someone had actually read it and gleaned something from it did my heart good. Here’s the lesson, we are never unseen or unheard. 

What you release may not garner the response you hoped it would, but in all you do, give people a chance to hear you and experience what you have to offer! There’s a song that says when people won’t listen, ‘make them hear you.’ I agree with that but it’s as simple as not canceling yourself because of who you think won’t hear you. It’s as simple as showing up in the world, regardless of who shows up to see you, they hear you! And finally, get this, God has wasted nothing in creating the majesty of who you are! The people you want may never acknowledge it, but for the world in search of you, let them hear you! Why deprive those who need what you have because those you want to have it don’t want it? This is part of the revelation of Romans 8:28, those who didn’t want God made way for those He hadn’t been available to and when those reject Him, He will again be the God of those He originally appeared to. In this, everybody will have had access to the grace and goodness of God. It all works out anyway, so let the world hear you!