It’s All My Fault!

We’re weeks away from the new year and amid Christmas shopping, some of us are appraising our year. We’ve made our lists and seek to check them twice to make sure the aspirations of January are the accomplishments recognized in December. If you’re like me, January and December look nothing alike! This is for some good and a lot more of the same debilitating issue! 

Please don’t think the worst, I’m fine. What I’m talking about is procrastination, fear and self-doubt. This really gets on my nerves, but it’s not enough to just call it out. Though some great strides were made and a fabulous writing opportunity came my way, I really didn’t make the changes and moves I said I would in January. 

Just another year, looking out the window watching the asphalt grow! Yep…the year passed me by and I didn’t get as much done as I should have. There’s no one to blame, so I have to fess up…it’s my fault. It’s all my fault! There was no injustice, no freak accidents, no turns for the worse…just a big ol’ serving of living small! How can I write big books about doing great things and end up doing nothing? Doesn’t make sense, does it? 

I don’t think so! Sometimes, I think I write those books trying to convince myself! Nah, that’s not the reason…those books are good, have you read them? If not, go here to check them out. I think I get it now, ideas and even ideals are all fine in good within the confines of your home and the safety of your circle. But out in the world, they’ll  be challenged, assaulted and attacked. So, it’s safe to stay ‘inside’…looking out the window, watching the asphalt grow! 

I was thinking about new year’s resolutions the other day and said to myself, “before you worry about the new year, you need to deal with what you left unfinished and undone this year!” I decided to follow my own advice and this writing is part of it! I’m not only fessing up and facing my shortcomings, I’m making a new list of what I won’t allow to happen again! 

I even decided I want to slim down for looks and not just health! *No pictures, please!* Seriously though, we don’t have forever to do what God has given us to do. We can’t continue to rob God of the time and gifts He has given us. I won’t do it…I can’t do it, anymore! There are only a few more weeks in the year. Let’s move forward, for a change! 2021 can still be the year it was supposed be, change for the new year starts by course correcting this year!