Hello friends, I hope this newsletter finds you well. Over the years, I have worked to find a to connect with those who listen, watch and read what I do. In 2020, I began a virtual Sunday School Class to share with people in search of an active Bible learning gathering. I know I couldn’t replace church attendance whether virtual or physical, but I wanted to present an opportunity for those who felt robbed of Sunday School by the pandemic. Three years later, and here we are! We still meet each Sunday morning at 8:30 and it seems that each week, the word shared is a dire need for one of the classmates or a visitor! We love visitors and we especially love those who come back to join us, each week! Over the years, I have learned to be faithful and trust God with the results. We have had some amazing times together and for that I will always be grateful! You can never predict what God is going to do, how He’s going to move or where your life will take you. I have simply given up even trying to act like I have a clue about it! What I have done instead is just continue the work that began in 2020. It’s not always about what’s next, it’s about what you finishing what you started! So whenever I’m asked, “what’s next?” I reply, “the next lesson!” It really is that simple! I can’t take my eyes off of this assignment to pursue one I don’t yet feel called to nor do I feel that interest in our weekly Bible class is waning! People are watching and that’s all the encouragement I need to keep going!

For years, I’ve written for other people and just last week when I was commissioned to do a writing for a client, I heard the bell ringing for me! “I need to do that…” is what I said! I knew that what I had for years done for others, I could finally do for myself. With that, please allow me to welcome you to The Weekly Word. It’s exactly what it sounds like…a message from me! I’ll revisit the past Sunday’s lesson and share any observations I’ve made leading up to publication. Should be a fun time. If’ you love it, share it! I’ll be sending this out once a week and all you have to do is complete the signup form and watch your inbox for The Weekly Word, it’s headed your way!

How I See It Now…

This past Sunday I wore a new pair of glasses to church. Customarily, I take a selfie after church before leaving church or when I get home. Last Sunday, I noticed something I couldn’t help but laugh at and it gave me a great revelation. Since ordering glasses online, I have a wide range of lens and frame options, too many if I’m being honest. Last year, I ordered my first pair of transition lenses and they’re so cool!