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Can’t make it to church, this Sunday? Join our Sunday morning Bible class for a time of devotion, inspiration and information each Sunday LIVE on Facebook and YouTube.

Each week, Fred and the classmates maneuver through scriptures to learn about life, the Lord and living in these challenging times. Fred has opted to teach the Bible and equip believers to walk out the calling on their lives as a main focus of each week’s lessons. The variety of lesson presentations range from stories you know to lifting little known texts and stories to connect to the bigger picture discovered in the live we live, each day. You’re welcomed to join Fred and the classmates. Each lesson is about half an hour to an hour and promises to be an engaging time spent learning more about the Word!

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Occasionally, Fred will continue a Sunday morning teaching and roll it over into what we like to call, “Midweek Manna.” Though new to the teaching ministry, the concept of MM began on Fred’s syndicated radio show. Each Wednesday, he’d feature a local pastor’s sermon as part of the broadcast. One of the joys of syndication for Fred was developing the “Preacher Network.” In this network, he allowed pastors the opportunity to showcase their sermons as part of the Wednesday or Friday shows dubbed, “The Weekend Word.” In the above video, Fred expounds on a teaching in a short lesson entitled, “Sequential Seriousness.”